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dyn4j Project Setup Video

in Game Development, General, Java, Physics

I finally got some time to create my first How-To video for the dyn4j project.  The first video describes how to setup a Java project in Eclipse to use dyn4j.  It’s short and hopefully to the point.


The dyn4j TestBed Now Uses JOGL

in Game Development, Java

I recently released a new version of the TestBed application (which is used to test the dyn4j project. In this new version I decided to move from Java2D to OpenGL. There is a great open source project called JOGL that makes the OpenGL API available to Java. You can test out the new TestBed here. […]


EPA (Expanding Polytope Algorithm)

in Collision Detection, Game Development

In the last few posts we learned about using GJK for collision detection, distance between shapes, and finding the closest points. It was stated that GJK must be augmented, to find collision information like the penetration depth and vector, with another algorithm. One such algorithm is EPA. I plan to cover the EPA algorithm and […]


GJK – Distance & Closest Points

in Collision Detection, Game Development

The last installment talked about the GJK algorithm as it pertains to collision detection. The original algorithm actually is used to obtain the distance and closest points between two convex shapes.


GJK (Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi)

in Collision Detection, Game Development

Today I’m going to talk about the other collision detection algorithm packaged with the dyn4j project. You can find a lot of GJK documentation but much of it is really technical mostly because they are research papers. I strongly recommend this video tutorial and to be honest you may not even need to read any […]


SAT (Separating Axis Theorem)

in Collision Detection, Game Development

This is a post I have been meaning to do for some time now but just never got around to it. Let me first start off by saying that there are a ton of resources on the web about this particular collision detection algorithm. The problem I had with the available resources is that they […]


GridBagLayout FTW

in Java

While working on a desktop project (which I hope to release a preview applet/jnlp soon) I decided to use a LayoutManager. Java provides many layout managers whose intention is to layout your controls (buttons, checkboxes, labels, etc) without setting sizes and positions. This post is introducing the GridBagLayout layout manager and why I choose to […]


Richfaces Calendar Performance

in Java

If you are reading this then you probably have come into contact with the richfaces calendar performance problem. By design, the richfaces calendar will create a calendar every place where you put a rich:calendar tag. This isn’t a problem when you have one or two, but lets say you have a rich:dataTable where one of […]


Java Midi Volume Control

in Java

As you may know already Java supports the MIDI 1.0 spec in its core classes. It is still common for MIDI audio to be used in games because of small size and nostalgia. Nothing makes me smirk more than a really cheesy synthesized MIDI… But anyway, as I was developing the MIDI support in my […]


JAXB With Annotations

in Java

A while back a friend of mine asked for a link on how to use JAXB.  So I went to Google and attempted to find one.  After a few minutes of searching I said, “Wait a minute, it would take me like five minutes to work up a sample.” Enjoy. JAXB is a technology to […]